Blood Draw is Easy, Convenient and Safe.

We make collecting your doctor prescribed blood draw simple and easy. Schedule an appointment and one of our certificated phlebotomists will come to your home or office and collect your blood as needed to satisfy the blood panels ordered by your doctor. Once we collect your blood, it is safely transported to the lab you designate (Labcorp, Quest. etc.) for analysis, with the results provided exclusively to your doctor.

Fast and Convenient

At your home or office, our licensed phlebotomists will arrive as scheduled and draw your blood in a fast, convenient and professional manner.

Your Results

Your blood specimen is expedited to your designated lab for analysis per the panel ordered by your doctor. The lab will securely forward your lab results to your doctor.


Our staff are all certificated and insured phlebotomists who have preformed thousands of blood draws.


Our service is a self pay service not covered by insurance. We charge a flat fee of $100 per patient/appointment, regardless of the size of the panel ordered by your doctor.

Schedule Your Appointment

Schedule your appointment now. Prepayment is required, no refunds for customer cancelations.

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